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Swift and Watson Conversation Service

Thanks to @jkingoliver, we have a new advanced adventure combining Swift with Watson! This room uses the Watson Conversation Service to create a sandwich shop. Create a Game On! Room in Swift Integrate Watson Conversation Service Go play!

Local development with Vagrant

Setting up the core game services locally can be a tricky business. If you don't fancy installing our core game services and dependencies on your most favorite dev box, have a look at our Vagrant project clone the gameon repository, cd gameon, and run vagrant up, which will set up a virtual machine ready for local development. Go play! *Edit 2017-09-13: As noted above, using Vagrant for local development is now even easier.

Using JSR-107 Caching in Java-based rooms

Caching is one of those awkward bits of function you can totally avoid adding when first creating a bit of code. Everything will work just fine during your initial testing, but worries start to creep in when you start to consider what happens when running at scale: will remote services be invoked too frequently? And what happens to session data when processes are added or removed to accommodate changes in load?

What's the weather like?

@rstephenrrtx has published a new chronicle relating his experience building a room that checks the weather using IBM Weather Company's REST APIs: Weather Room (Interacting with REST API service)

Adding items (and interest) to your room

Finally! An adventure dedicated solely to making your room more awesome and interesting. This adventure focuses solely on game protocol and how to enhance your room implementation. Advanced Adventure for Game On Room Items Go play!

Creating a room from scratch

Curious how to write your own room from scratch without a fork/clone? We've got your back, intrepid explorer, behold this adventure written just for you: Advanced Adventure for room creation from scratch Go play!

Game On! at OSCon London 2016

Kate and I took Game On! to OSCon London! We spoke about our experiences building the game, and Kate created a new room in Java from scratch and showed the game finding the room, and coping as the service recycled in response to updates.

Game On! at JavaOne 2016

Last week was JavaOne in San Francisco and a number of us from the WebSphere Microservices squad (@MarkNSweep, @ebullient, @BarDweller, and @pavittr) were able to go. Game On! made a nice showing, complete with a lab, T-shirts, and prizes. Read more (with pictures!) at

Cars, Pi cameras and ASCII art: Microservices with Liberty and Game On!

The Liberty microservices team, based in IBM Hursley in the UK, decided to include some ASCII art in Game On!. From there, it was but a short step to driving a remote-controlled car around the floor of the latest WebSphere User Group meeting at IBM Southbank, taking pictures with a Raspberry Pi camera to render as ASCII art. Read more (with pictures!) at