Hands-on experiment building microservices and cloud native applications

Other services

Other services


A simple process that serves the swagger UI with our swagger API documents.

Room implementations

We have a few room implementations defined within our repositories.

  • SimpleRoom – foundation for the Java-based walkthrough
  • Node.js room – foundation for the JavaScript walkthrough
  • Go room – foundation for the Go walkthrough
  • The RecRoom and Basement – two related rooms, one of which has items
  • The Map room – uses the Map’s API to display a map of all registered rooms

For most of them, a single service is providing a single room. The notable exception is the RecRoom and Basement, where a single service is providing two related rooms.

Each service is responsible for managing its own data (if any), and satisfying the published APIs for a room to the satisfaction of the Sweep. As mentioned in Extending the game, rooms are what allow you to experiment with microservices concepts and approaches. In effect you are building one microservice (or a subsystem composed of microservices) that becomes one element of a larger system of services. You can play in and with a microservices architecture without having to build all of the pieces yourself.