Hands-on experiment building microservices and cloud native applications

Game On! is a throwback text-based adventure built to help you explore microservices concepts.

The premise of Game On! is simple: we provide some core elements and then you create services (one or many) to extend the world. It provides a choose-your-own-adventure approach to learning about microservices. We have walk-throughs that do what many other examples do: follow some steps, push some buttons, and TA-DA! you have a working single service written in Java, JavaScript, or Go.

The difference, however, is that your shiny new service is registered as a part of a larger system right out of the gate. The APIs that your service implements will be called by elements of the long-running composed application. You can then choose your own adventure: making services resilient, figuring out how load-balancing and scaling work, dealing with eventual consistency, etc.