Hands-on experiment building microservices and cloud native applications
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There are lots of new technologies and application patterns associated with microservices. If you're like us, learning from reading someone's sample just isn't enough. Game On! Text adventure is a throwback text-based adventure built to help you explore microservice architectures and related concepts. There are a few reasons why we love this application:

It demonstrates the key aspects of microservice architectures
It is composed of a slew of core and secondary services which have their own scaling requirements, their own data sources, and are built, deployed, and managed autonomously via automated pipelines.
It has an informative origin story
The services that comprise the game have changed over time. We started with a few coarse services, and revised and decomposed these as our early ideas solidified into distinct units.
It is infinitely extensible in a creative and fun way.
This isn't a business-like application. We've found that people are less likely to take risks in trying new technologies when they have their serious hats on. Close association with business as usual can also make it more difficult to try new ideas, like designing a microservice around a business function or domain instead of around a data model.

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